West Central Center for the Deaf

Posted on February 10, 2013 in Agencies that Serve Persons | Short Link
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Program Type: Mental health services, BHRS, mobile therapy, psychiatric services, information and resources.

Address:  2201 East State Street, Hermitage, PA 16148

Phone:  724-342-3323

TTY:  724-981-4327

Fax:  724-342-3329

Contact Person:  Shelly Dorfi

Email: sdorfi@cccmer.org, wccd@westpadeaf.org

Population Served:   Adults, children, and families

Type of Behavioral Services Offered:  BMRS for children and adolescents, outpatient therapy or counseling, psychiatric services, school based treatment and mobile mental health treatment.

Reimbursement:  Fee for service, has contracts with Value Behavioral Health and Community Care Behavioral Health, Medicaid and sliding scale.

Number of Clients Served Annually:  Annually, the agency has served 27 individuals who are deaf and 3 individuals who are hard of hearing.

Qualifications of Staff:  Two therapists have a masters degree in clinical counseling. The consulting psychiatrist is conversationally fluent in ASL.

Language Fluency of Staff:  There are two staff therapists who have advanced or above SCPI skill certification.

Accreditation:  Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

Accessibility:  The facility is wheelchair accessible, has visual signals, amplified phones, flashing signals and TTY.

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