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Program Type: Deaf Service Coordination

Address: 212-214 South Main Street, Suite 625, Butler, PA 16001

Phone (v): 724-431-0095

TTY: 724- 431-0671 (Crisis Hotline)

Fax: 724-431-1011


Contact Person / Email: Pamela Maciejewski,

VP: 724-359-4069

TTY: 724-431-0625

Population Served: Adults, children and families

Type of Behavioral Health Services Offered: Administrative case management.

Reimbursement: The Agency accepts fee for service, Medicare and Medicaid and Third Party Reimbursement. All services are provided free to the consumer.

Number of Clients Served Annually: Annually, the agency has served 20 people who were deaf or hard of hearing and their families.

Qualifications of Staff: 1 staff member with sign language skills has 5+ years experience working with deaf and hard of hearing individuals in a social service setting. Mental health and drug and alcohol training is ongoing.

Language Fluency: There is a deaf staff member with sign language skills.

Accreditation: Licensed by the Department of Public Welfare.

Program Accessibility: The facility is wheelchair accessible and has visual emergency signals.

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