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Posted on September 7, 2008 in Local and State Government Agencies | Short Link
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Program Type: Nellans Consulting offers consultation on management of hearing loss to individuals, families, or a group in your home, workplace, or medical setting. Training on effective communication is available to staff and professionals on resources, Americans with Disabilities Act, web sites, assistive listening and alerting devices, telecommunications, hearing dogs, and coping strategies.

Phone (v/TYY): 412-767-9769

Fax: 412-767-4024


Population Served: Adults

Reimbursement: Contracts with agencies are established. Cash or checks are accepted for individual payment. No third party or Medicare is accepted.

Qualifications: Ms. Nellans has a masters in psychology from the University of Vermont and a masters in business administration from the University of Pittsburgh. She has 32 years experience with her own hearing loss and assisting people with their hearing loss. Ms. Nellans is certified by the American Academy of Hearing Loss Support Specialists. She uses her own voice with hearing aids and FM, and is conversant in sign language.

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