Top 5: Communicate with Hard of Hearing

Posted on November 11, 2008 in Tips for Communication | Short Link
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General top five tips on how to communicate with a Hard of Hearing individual

1. Remember that just because a person can hear your voice, it does not mean they can understand and hear your words perfectly. Face the person directly and stand close enough. Face the person directly and stand close enough for them to see, to “hear”. If the person wears a hearing aid, do not try to talk into the person’s ear piece or lean so close that they cannot see your face. Do not over exaggerate your words or shout.

2. Avoid standing in front of lighting and make sure there’s enough light so that the individual can see your face clearly. Do not cover your mouth or have objects in your mouth while talking.

3. If the person does not understand you the first time, try to rephrase your statements (for example, “What would you like to drink?” could become “Would you like water or pop?”)

4. Hard of hearing individuals could have difficulty hearing in groups or places that are noisy, please move to quieter locations. And be sure to include the hard of hearing person within conversations.

The list above is the top five common communication tips for the Hard of Hearing. If you are interested or want to find out more, please feel free to search on your own.

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