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Wellness…what does it really mean?

Wellness means taking care of yourself before you get sick or it means doing something to prevent yourself from getting sick. It can mean eating health, exercising, or making sure that you take your medicine the way that your doctor prescribed it. Anything that you do to keep yourself healthy can be described as wellness.

Another big part of taking care of you is getting regular check-ups at the doctor’s office. This is a big part of wellness! This can mean seeing your regular doctor, or PCP for a checkup, or seeing your dentist or eye doctor to be sure that you are healthy. When you see your doctor for these reasons these visits are called “well visits”

An area of wellness that many people do not think consider is spirituality. This is important for some people because it provides them with a feeling of peace and security. Focusing on your spirituality can be a part of your wellness regiment also. This may involve going to a church, praying, meditating, or doing some reading about your particular faith.

Avoiding drugs, alcohol and other substances that may be unhealthy, such as too much caffeine, can be a way to improve your health. If you consume these chemicals it may cause you to feel ill and it can contribute to health problems and more serious illness. Cigarette smoking is also a contributing factor for some major illnesses. Getting involved in a support group for those trying to stop using these substances would be considered part of a wellness program. You would also want to inform your doctor if you use any of these chemicals, so that they would be able to prescribe appropriate treatment for you. There are some medications that you cannot take if you use these substances, so this information would be very important for your doctor to know.

We have posted some articles on this site this month about various issues related to wellness. These are a few of the things you can do to keep yourself health and to help to prevent illness.

We hope that these tips are helpful to you!!

This article is last updated on Friday, August 29, 2008

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