Private Practitioners: Kristy Weidner, LCSW

Posted on February 10, 2013 in Agencies that Serve Persons | Short Link
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Program Type: Private provider of mental health, drug and alcohol treatment services

Address: Village Center for Holistic Therapy, 68 Wabash Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Phone (v): 412-455-6890

Fax: 412-455-6891

Contact: Kristy Weidner,

Type of Behavioral Services Offered: Outpatient counseling.

Population Served: Adults and children, couples and families.

Reimbursement: Fee for service. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Highmark, Tricare and there is a sliding scale.

Number of Clients Served Annually: 10 clients served in private office who are deaf, hard of hearing and children of deaf adults (CODA’s).

Qualifications of Staff: Kristy graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Education of Persons with Hearing Loss and worked as a teacher at Pressley Ridge School for the Deaf (approved private school) as a teacher for children aged 6-21. Kristy completed her Masters in Social Work form the University of Pittsburgh in 2006 with a focus on direct practice and received her credential as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 2008. She has worked in community mental health services as an individual and family therapist, as well as a school- based therapist for children, adolescents and their families. Kristy’s approach to therapy values the whole perosn, emphasizing self-awareness and responsibility, understanding relationships and engaging in the search for meaning and purpose.

Language Fluency: ASL fluent.

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